One Unhappy Shark!
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One Unhappy Shark!

Chasing the Golden Ghost :

San Diego Carp Fishin' with Zino and Tod

A fun day of carp fly-fishing on one of our local lakes. Click HERE to see the video...


From the Ford Outfitters:

Fly Fishing for Pike at Wollaston Lodge

Pike on the Fly

Check out Capt. Conway catching Northern Pike on the fly, on the Ford Outfitters TV show. Click HERE to see the video...

Openings Available:

Capt. Conway on Tour this Spring

Conway will be touring the Southern California fly fishing clubs this April. If your fly fishing club is interested in hosting Conway just drop us a line:

A New Role:

John Hendrickson Named Manager of The Fly Stop

BBGO carp and bass guide Johnny Hendrickson is now also the manager at The Fly Stop in La Jolla, CA. They have an incredible selection of quality flies for great prices. Check out their website at:

February 8, 2013:

SCFFO to Host San Diego F3T 2013

SoCal Fly Fishing Outfitters will be hosting the San Diego showing of F3T 2013. Click HERE to learn more.

Podcast #2 :

Roosters Rock!

Baja Roosters

In our second podcast, Conway and Michelle take a closer look at fly-fishing for roosterfish in Baja, Mexico.

Podcast #1:

Montana Trout!

Montana trout

Capt. Conway and Mishfish discuss the finer points of Montana trout fishing in this audio podcast.

What's Happening at BBGO:

The Orvis Guide to Beginning Saltwater Fly Fishing

by Capt. Conway Bowman

Orvis Guide to Beginning Saltwater Fly-fishing

Capt. Conway offers advice and useful techniques for the beginner fisherman in this gem. Written in conjunction with the Orvis Company, this all-encompassing guide is meant to teach and guide fishermen that wish to begin their adventure of saltwater fly-fishing, but don't know exactly how.

Capt. Conway answers questions ranging from what equipment is needed, to how to identify saltwater fish, to proven techniques to catch bigger and better fish.

This guide covers all the basics — from rods, reels, lines, and tippets, to the actual art of identifying and catching fish, to using the tides, moon, and weather in your favor — making it the key to fun and effective fishing. With hundreds of full color photographs to accompany Bowman's nuggets of wisdom, "The Orvis Guide to Beginning Saltwater Fly Fishing" is the true companion for the outdoorsman that wants to catch top-notch fish.

Click on the button below to purchase an autographed copy!

Interesting Books...

Captain Conway has been featured in several books, buy your copy here!